Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Crystal Beads from Austria exceed all others in terms of quality and elegance.
Swarovski Crystal is the premium quality, full-lead crystal made today. It contains a minimum of 32% lead, making the crystal optically pure. The crystal is faceted with wonderful precision, creating stunning prisms. Radiant colors and / or coatings are added to these crystals to produce pendants, stones, and beads of dazzling beauty in an incredible variety of shapes and sizes. Swarovski Crystal is matchless in excellence and distinction.

Do you know where the color in crystal comes from?

A very slow and controlled heat reduction process forms the Crystals. Chemicals are used during the procedure, as opposed to dies, to control the color. Different chemicals absorb different wavelengths of visible light. The results are that, we see the opposite of this color. For example, if the chemical added absorbed blue, we would see an orange crystal.

This can better be explained if you read up on color theory. You are not mixing paints but creating subtractive color, just like when you mix lights.

Oddly enough, manufacturing a clear crystal is more complicated than adding color. There can be no impurities during the manufacturing process as even a small contamination can change the clarity of the crystal.

What explains the instant appeal of crystal?

Today, crystals have become a lifestyle statement. Consumers have become more adventurous, open to ideas and willing to experiment with style and color. This trend seems to run across all age groups from teenagers to the middle-aged.
Whether the crystal fever is just a fad or here to stay is debatable, but what seems crystal clear is that the public has an appetite for sparkle and shimmer.